What’s in a Session?

I have been trained in many massage techniques and am comfortable using any of them to make your massage the best for your body. My style as a therapist is to merge techniques to fit your needs. You can request that I use a specific style when scheduling your session if that is what you would prefer.

Swedish Massage

Long, gliding strokes are utilized to relax excess muscle tension and improve circulation in this classic style of massage. Choose from a variety of paraben-free oils and creams for your session.

Deep Tissue Massage

Working with a more specific goal in mind, this therapeutic session is meant to promote healing and provide maintenance for clients with chronic injuries and pain.

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage for Moms

Prenatal massage shares many of the goals of Swedish massage ­– to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. Having advanced training in bodywork centered around the childbearing cycle allows me to help you feel as comfortable as possible while receiving the right massage for you. I believe massage can provide great benefit throughout pregnancy, from preconception to breastfeeding. Whether lying on your side while being supported by pillows and cushions in your third trimester, or getting to lie face-down for the first time since giving birth, I promise to make each session with me as enjoyable and stress-relieving as possible. For more information, check out this article on Baby Center.


Literally “finger pressure”, shiatsu is a widely-known form of Japanese bodywork involving stretches and compression along meridian pathways to activate Qi energy and influence energetic balance in the body. Whether or not you believe in the flow of Qi, receiving shiatsu is an experience of gentle stretching on the floor designed to relax tension and balance energy throughout the body. It is performed in loose-fitting or athletic-type clothing, usually on a floor mat, but just as easily on a massage table.