Personalize your Massage

A massage is an opportunity for you to create an experience that is entirely for you. Outside of body work, the following are examples of details that may help you enjoy your session even more. I’m happy to talk to you about how we can create your perfect massage environment!

Heat Therapy

During colder months, I provide an automated heating pad on my table under the sheets to keep you warm during the entire experience. Heat is one of the best ways to loosen up chronic stiff and tense muscles, making them more pliable during the massage and beyond.

The Power of Music

As a practitioner and a receiver of regular massage, I find that music helps the person on the table relax fully into a session and completes the sensory experience. I have a wide variety of music and play lists to choose from, but, by all means, bring your own favorites with you! Anything goes, from upbeat pop to soothing sounds of nature, so don’t hesitate to personalize your aural experience as well.

Oils, Creams and Scents

I generally use unscented oils and creams. If you have a preference towards a specific oil or cream, feel free to bring it with you and we can incorporate it into your massage.

Positioned for Comfort

Not everyone is comfortable lying face down. I have several supportive cushions which we can use to help you lay in this position most comfortably.

How do you like to sleep? If you sleep on your side, you might find that you enjoy receiving massage in a side-lying position more than the standard face-down/face-up method. For some, this positioning is more effective at working into muscles that are normally not at easily-accessible angles, such as muscles that aid in neck or spinal rotation. Also great for getting into those tense shoulders that have been helping you surf the web all day.